The American Top 40: The 70s

Casey Kasem, 1932-2014.

You can now hear Casey Kasem countdown the American Top 40 again in these re-mastered shows. These are the original shows that aired on American radio in the 1970s. These American Top 40 shows were 3 hours long, until October 7 1978, when they became 4 hours long

There are lots of American and Canadian radio stations streaming on the Internet that carry the show each week. .

Casey's Countdowns play 24/7 on IHeart Radio-Needs a US IP Address to listen

Updated: Monday October 16th 2017

This Week

October 21st 1978^ (A Show) or October 20th 1973 (B Show)

*Note:The 1978 show is 4 hours long. Most stations will air only the last 3 hours to fit the normal timeslot


Removed geoblocked stations, removed stations with broken streams and updated some links to make it easier to find streams that work. Also checked a large number of them to make sure they are actually airing the show. Future adds of stations will ignore geoblocked stations

WISM-Greatest Hits 98.1 from Eau Claire WI add the 70s Saturday at 1pm

WSVU-95.9 The Palm from North Palm Beach FL has switched to airing True Oldies programming

Starting Times

All the times listed are UK

These links are a guide only. There will be occasions when stations move the show, drop the show without any notice, fail to air the correct show, have streaming issues or automation problems.

Click on the station logo to go to the station's website, then click on the "listen live" button on their website or go to Tune In and search for the station.

Some players require you to enter a year of birth/male or female and a Zip code before they will play, others want some details but clicking "no thanks" will start them playing and some you may have stop Adblock Plus to get them to play.

Stations with "extras" in the notes section play some or all the extra songs included with the show.

**Note: This site now only lists stations you can hear in the UK via a webstream. Stations that block their stream outside the USA have been removed which should make it easier to find a stream you can hear.

Day Time Link to website Calls/Location
Friday 12am WSQL-Brevard, NC May be moved for live sports. Plays 4 hour 70s shows
Saturday 3am KLFM KLFM-Bendingo, Australia
Saturday 11am WUPE WUPE-Pittsfield, MA Plays Extras
Saturday 11am WWOW WWOW-Conneaut, OH
Saturday 12pm WDZN WDZN-Cumberland, MD Station extras not Premiere extras & player times out
Saturday 12pm WELK WELK-Elkins, WV Extras-Streaming player times out
Saturday 12pm WJBB WJBB-Bethlehem, GA
Saturday 12pm WMGM WMGM-Madison, WI Repeat of last weeks show at this time.Plays station extras instead of Premiere extras
Saturday 12pm WMVL WMVL-Meadville, PA Extras
Saturday 12pm WELK WPAC-Ogdensburg, NY
Saturday 12pm WQRK WQRK-Bedford, IN
Saturday 12pm WZUN WZUN-Syracuse, NY Player times out
Saturday 1pm KYTC KYTC-Mason City, IA
Saturday 1pm WJUL WJUL- Hiawassee, GA
Saturday 1pm WISM WISM-Eau Clare, WI
Saturday 1pm WVBG WVBG-Vicksburg, MS
Saturday 2pm WDNY WDNY-Dansville, NY Plays Extras
Saturday 2pm WFXY WFXY-Middlesboro, KY
Saturday 2pm WNTY WNTY-Southington, CT
Saturday 2pm WOGB WOGB-Reedsville, WI
Saturday 2pm WQLB WQLB-Tawas City, MI Plays Extras
Saturday 2pm WSOL WSOL-Jacksonville, FL
Saturday 2pm WZMJ WZMJ-Lexington, SC
Saturday 2pm CJWL CJWL-Ottawa, ON
Saturday 2pm Radio Gold Radio Gold-Berlin, Germany
Saturday 3pm KOKZ KOKZ-Waterloo, IA Extras & starts 4 hour shows one hour earlier than listed.
Saturday 3pm WZON WZON-Bangor, ME
Saturday 4pm KQAD KQAD-Luverne, MN
Saturday 5pm KWVF KWVF-Santa Rosa, CA
Saturday 5pm WHEO WHEO-Stuart, VA
Saturday 5pm WQUN WQUN-Hamden, CT May be moved for live sports
Saturday 6pm KHLA KHLA-Lake Charles, LA Usually plays the A Show
Saturday 6pm WJER WJER-Dover, OH Show is often moved for live sports. Check stations website for schedule.
Saturday 7pm WPNC WPNC-Plymouth, NC Extras & all 4 hours of 1978 & 1979 shows
Saturday 8pm WCSY WCSY-South Haven, MI
Saturday 9pm WVLI WVLI-Bourbonnais, IL
Saturday 10:30pm CKSJ CKSJ-St Johns, NL Last 2 hours of the 70s show only-The last 2 hours of the 80s show follows
Saturday 11pm WCRK WCRK-Morristown, TN May be moved for live live sports
Saturday 11pm WWON WWON-Waynesboro, TN
Sunday 12am WKWN-Trenton, GA May be moved for live sports.
Sunday 12am WSQL-Brevard, NC May be moved for live sports.Plays 4 hour 70s shows
Sunday 1am WLIX WLIX-Long Island, NY
Sunday 2am WFLI WFLI-Chattanooga, TN Extras
Sunday 2am 2NUR 2NUR-Newcastle NSW, Australia
Sunday 3am WMGN WMGN-Madison, WI Plays station extras instead of Premiere extras
Sunday 11am WODZ WODZ-Rome, NY Plays some of the extras
Sunday 11am WQUN WQUN-Hamden, CT
Sunday 12pm WWLW KNXR-Rochester, MN Extras
Sunday 12pm WGRR WGRR-Cincinatti, OH Extras
Sunday 12pm WYSS WYSS-Peru, IL
Sunday 12pm CHNS CHNS-Halifax, NS Premiere Extras and station extras
Sunday 12pm CJYC CJYC-St John, NB Extras
Sunday 12pm CQFM CQFM-Moncton, NB
Sunday 1pm KCLH KCLH-La Crosse, WI Extras. Usually plays the A show
Sunday 1pm KCMO KCMO-Kansas City, MO
Sunday 1pm KJBI KJBI-Fort Pierre, SD
Sunday 1pm KKPR KKPR-Kearney, NE Extras
Sunday 1pm KTRR KTRR-Windsor, CO Station extras not Premiere extras
Sunday 1pm WLS WLS-Chicago, IL
Sunday 1pm WPLM WPLM-Plymouth, MA Could be a 70's or 80s show at this time
Sunday 2pm WJOJ WJOJ-Watertown, NY Extras
Sunday 2pm WLHH WLHH-Hilton Head, SC
Sunday 2pm WLOV WLOV-Daytona Beach, FL
Sunday 2pm WPTY WPTY-Long Island, NY
Sunday 3pm KACL KACL-Bismarck, ND
Sunday 3pm KXAC KXAC-St James, MN
Sunday 3pm KXGL KXGL-Amarillo, TX
Sunday 3pm KYTC KYTC-Mason City, IA
Sunday 3pm WRQN WRQN-Toledo, OH Extras
Sunday 3:30pm CKSJ CKSJ-St Johns, NL Last 2 hours of the 70s show only-The last 2 hours of the 80s show follows
Sunday 4pm KFMH KFMH-Rapid City, SD
Sunday 4pm KOFX KOFX-El Paso, TX Extras
Sunday 4pm KRRR KRRR-Cheyenne, WY
Sunday 4pm KZQL KZQL-Casper, WY
Sunday 4pm WOWY WOWY-State College, PA
Sunday 4pm KQAK KQAK-Bend, OR
Sunday 4pm KYKK KYKK-Hobbs, NM
Sunday 4.30pm WWIS WWIS-Black River Falls, WI
Sunday 5pm KCOW KCOW-Alliance, NE Extras
Sunday 5pm WFXY WFXY-Middlesboro, KY
Sunday 5pm WGMF/WZMF WGMF/WZMF-Scranton, PA
Sunday 5pm WQKY WQKY-Emporium, PA
Sunday 5pm WWOW WWOW-Conneaut, OH
Sunday 6pm KHLA KHLA-Lake Charles, LA Usually plays the A Show
Sunday 6pm WIHG WIHG-Crossville, TN No extras
Sunday 6pm WRGC WRGC-Sylva, NC
Sunday 6pm WWON WWON-Waynesboro, TN
Sunday 7pm KMCH KMCH-Manchester, IA Extras-Show can start up to 20 minutes late
Sunday 7pm WHVO WHVO-Hopkinsville, KY
Sunday 8pm KKPR KKPR-Kearney, NE
Sunday 9pm WELK WPAC-Ogdensburg, NY Could be a 70's or 80's show
Sunday 9.30-10pm KLYC KLYC-Salem, OR Show can start very late due to the previous show
Sunday 10pm KQEO KQEO-Idaho Falls, ID
Sunday 10pm WKWN-Trenton, GA
Sunday 11pm WGHN WGHN-Grand Haven, MI
Sunday 11pm WTTR WTTR-Westminster, MD Extras
Sunday 11pm WTTY WTTY-New Bern, NC
Monday 1am KWIC KWIC-Topeka, KS
Monday 2am KQEL KQEL-Alamogordo, NM
Monday 2am WNTY WNTY-Southington, CT
Monday 2am WSOL WSOL-Jacksonville, FL
Monday 2am CHNL CHNL-Kamloops, BC Show may get dropped in winter months for live sports.
Monday 5am WKWN-Trenton, GA
Monday 5am WFLI WFLI-Chattanooga, TN Extras
Tuesday 5pm Radio Gold Radio Gold-Berlin, Germany
Wednesday 1am Hits 100 Hits 100-Oranjestad, Aruba Extras
Wednesday 5am WPNC WPNC-Plymouth, NC

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