The American Top 40: The 70s

Casey Kasem, 1932-2014.

You can now hear Casey Kasem countdown the American Top 40 again in these re-mastered shows. These are the original shows that aired on American radio in the 1980s.

There are lots of American and Canadian radio stations streaming on the Internet that carry these 4 hour shows each week.

Casey's Countdowns play 24/7 on IHeart Radio-Needs a US IP Address to listen

Updated: Monday June 18th 2018

This Week

June 16th 1984


Updated list to restore the geoblocked stations. These have station logos replaced by the USA flag and require a VPN to listen
KOKZ from Waterloo IA has sadly geoblocked
KTBH-The Beach from Hilo Hi adds the 80s Sunday at 5pm and Monday at 5am

Starting Times

All the times listed are UK

These links are a guide only. There will be occasions when stations move the show, drop the show without any notice, fail to air the correct show, have streaming issues or automation problems.

Click on the station logo to go to the station's website, then click on the "listen live" button on their website or go to Tune In and search for the station.

Some players require you to enter a year of birth/male or female and a Zip code before they will play, others want some details but clicking "no thanks" will start them playing and some you may have stop Adblock Plus to get them to play.

Stations with in their entry play some or all the extra songs included with the show or use their own extras.

Stations with a US flag instead of the station logo are geoblocked outside the US. You will need a VPN to hear these stations.

Day Time Link to website Calls/Location
Friday 7pm WWIS WWIS-Black River Falls, WI
70s show airs Sunday 4.30pm
Saturday 10am Max Max-Manchester, UK
Saturday 11am WASK WASK-Lafayette, IN No extras-Show finishes around 2:45pm
Saturday 11am WBOW WBOW-Tere Haute, IN
Repeats Sunday at 11am
Saturday 11am WFYX WFYX-True Oldies-Walpole, NH
Saturday 11am WKIX WKIX-Kix 102.9-Raleigh, NC Station extras replace a lot of the commercials. No Premiere extras
Saturday 11am WODZ WODZ-The Eagle-Rome, NY
70s show airs Sunday at 11am
Saturday 11am WOWY WOWY-State College, PA 70s show airs Sunday 4pm
Saturday 11am WTRG WTRG-Roanoke Rapids, NC
Saturday 11am WVIP WVIP-Plainview, NY 70s show airs Sunday 12pm
Saturday 11am WMMX WMMX-Mix 107.7-Dayton, OH
Saturday 11am WJRZ WJRZ-Toms River, NJ
70s airs Sunday 1am
Saturday 11am WOCL WOCL-105.9 Sunny FM-Orlando, FL
Saturday 11am WOLZ WOLZ-95.3 OLZ-Ft Meyers, FL
Saturday 11am WQQL WQQL-Vero Beach, FL
Saturday 12pm CQFM CFQM-Max FM-Moncton, NB
70s show airs Saturday at 12pm
Saturday 12pm CHNS CHNS-89.9 The Wave-Halifax, NS
70s show airs Saturday at 12pm
Saturday 12pm CJYC CJYC-Kool 98-St John, NB
70s show airs Saturday at 12pm
Saturday 12pm wrqq WRQQ-Baton Rouge, LA
Saturday 12pm WUEZ WUEZ-Magic 95.1-Carterville, IL
Saturday 12pm KWMZ KWMZ-Z104-New Orleans, LA
Saturday 12pm WWLW WWLW-Sky 106.5-Clarksburg, WV
Streaming player times out
Saturday 12pm KMXG KMXG-Mix 96.1-Clinton, IA
Saturday 12pm KQQL KQQL-Kool 108 Minneapolis, MN Could be a 70s or 80s show
Saturday 12pm KQHT KQHT-The Fox-Grand Forks, ND
Saturday 1pm KOLA KOLA-KOLA 99.9-Redlands, CA
Repeats Monday at 3am
Saturday 1pm KCLH KCLH-Classic Hits 94.7-La Crosse, WI
70s show airs Saturday 1pm
Saturday 1pm WMPX/WMRX WMPX/WMRX-Sunny 97-Midland/Saginaw, MI Could be a 70s or 80s show
Saturday 1pm KABQ KABQ-Albuquerque, MN
This weeks A Show
Saturday 1pm* KOOL KOOL-Phoenix, AZ
*1pm during winter months, 2pm during DST
Saturday 2pm KRBI KRBI-North Mankato, MN
Repeats Sunday 9pm
Saturday 2pm KKLZ KKLZ-Las Vegas, NV
Saturday 3pm WPNC WPNC-Magic 95.9-Plymouth, NC
70s show follows at 7pm
Saturday 3pm WOLD WOLD-Marion, VA
Saturday 4pm KLDZ KLDZ-Kool 103.5-Medford, OR
Saturday 4pm KQZB KQZB-Hits 100-Pullman, WA
Saturday 5pm WNSN WSNN-B99.3-Potsdam, NY
Saturday 6pm KNBZ KNBZ-Sunny 97.7-Aberdeen, SD Extras-Show sometimes gets cut off for live sports
Saturday 6pm KZOY KZOY-Sunny Radio-Sioux Falls, SD This weeks B show. A Show airs Sunday 6pm
Saturday 6pm WJER WJER-Dover, OH Show is often moved for live sport, check stations website for this weekends schedule.Could be a 70s or 80s show
Saturday 8pm KCML KCML-More FM-St Cloud, MN
Saturday 8pm WJOJ WTOJ-Watertown, NY
Saturday 8pm WCRE WCRE-Cheraw, SC
Saturday 11pm WGHN WGHN-Grand Haven, MI
Show may be moved for sports.70s show airs Sunday at 11pm
Saturday 11pm WYNR WNYR-Mix 98.5-Waterloo, NY
Sunday 12am WVLI WVLI-Bourbonnais, IL

70s show airs Saturday at 9pm
Sunday 12pm WCRE WCRE-Cheraw, SC
Saturday 12:30am CKSJ CKSJ-Coast 101.1-St Johns, NL
Last 2 hours only. Repeats Sunday at 5.30pm
Sunday 1am KKIS KKIS-Soldotna, AK
Sunday 1am WCRZ WCRZ-Cars 108-Flint, MI
Sunday 1am WZEU
WZEU-Weeki Wachee, FL

Sunday 2am KQEL KQEL-Alamogordo, NM
Sunday 9am WFMX WFMX-Mix 107.9-Augusta, ME
Sunday 11am WBOW WBOW-Tere Haute, IN
Sunday 11am WDZN WDZN-Cumberland, MD
70s show airs Saturday 7am
Saturday 11am WELK WELK-Elkins, WV
Player times out.
Sunday 11am WFXM WFXM/WCEH-The Fox-Macon, GA
Sunday 11am WNSN WNSN-Sunny 101.5-South Bend, IN
Sunday 11am WKOL WKOL-KOOL 105-Plattsburgh, NY
Sunday 12pm WAVD WAVD-97.1 The Wave-Ocean City, MD
Last 3 hours only
Sunday 12pm WAXB WAXB-B 94.5-Danbury, CT
Sunday 12pm WHTT WHTT-Buffalo, NY Could be a 70's show or the last 3 hours of an 80's show
Sunday 12pm WISM WISM-Eau Clare, WI
70s show airs Saturday at 1pm
Sunday 12pm WLS WLS-Chicago, IL
Sunday 12pm WQLT WQLT-Q107-Florence, AL
Sunday 12pm WSEN WSEN-Sunny 102-Syracuse, NY Player times out
Sunday 12pm WSWR WSWR-My 100.1-Mansfield, OH
Sunday 1pm KIOA KIOA-Des Moines, IA
Sunday 1pm WBMW WBMW-New London, CT
Sunday 1pm WFGR WFGR-Grand Rapids, MI
Repeats Monday 1am
Sunday 1pm WPLM WPLM-Plymouth, MA Could be a 70's or 80s show at this time
Sunday 1pm WQDC WQDC-Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sunday 1pm WQLB WQLB-Tawas City, MI
70s show airs Saturday 2pm
Sunday 1pm WROZ WROZ-Lancaster, PA
Sunday 1pm KONO KONO-San Antonio, TX
Sunday 1pm WFLB WFLB-96.5 Bob FM-Fayetteville, NC
Sunday 1pm WMXW WMXW-Mix 103.3-Binghamton, NY
Sunday 1pm WMXY WMXY-Mix 98.9-Youngstown, OH
Sunday 1pm WODC WODC-93.3 The Bus-Columbus, OH
Sunday 1pm WSUS WSUS-Franklin, NJ
Sunday 1pm WSVO WSVO-Mix 93.1-Staunton, VA
Sunday 1pm WXLY WXLY-Y102.5-Charleston, SC
Sunday 1pm WYXB WYXB-B105.7-Indianapolis, IN
Sunday 2pm KEKG KEKG-Fargo, ND
Sunday 2pm KRVI KRVI-The New 106.7 The River-Springfield, MO
Sunday 2pm KTSO KTSO-Tulsa, OK
Sunday 2pm WBCV WBCV-Wausau, WI
Sunday 2pm WDBQ WDBQ-Dubuque, IA
Sunday 2pm WKZG WKZG-Appleton, WI
Sunday 2pm WNNS WNNS-Springfield, IL
Sunday 2pm WNSN WNSN-Potsdam, NY
Sunday 2pm XHPRS XHPRS-San Diego, CA
Sunday 2pm KGOR KGOR-Superhits 99.9-Omaha, NE
Sunday 2pm KMXR KMXR-Big 93.9-Corpus Christi, TX
Sunday 2pm KOKZ KOKZ-Waterloo, IA
Sunday 2pm WFSY WFSY-Sunny 98.5-Panama City, FL
Sunday 2pm WJDX WJDX-The River-Jackson, MS
Sunday 2pm WRNQ WRNQ-Poughkeepsie, NY
Sunday 2pm WWSW WWSW-94.5 3WS-Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday 3pm WWLW KNXR-Rochester, MN
70s show airs Sunday 11am
Sunday 3pm KODS KODS-Carnelian Bay, CA Could be a 70s or 80s show
Sunday 3pm KOME KOME-Glen Rose, TX
70s show airs before
Sunday 3pm KTRH KTHI-Boise, ID
Sunday 3pm KYBG KYBG-Lafayette, LA
3 hour version only
Sunday 3pm KCCL KCCL-Sacramento, CA
Sunday 3pm KLNC KLNC-105.3 Wow FM-Lincoln, NE Could be a 70s or 80s show
Sunday 3pm KOGA KOGA-99.7 The Lake-North Platte, NE
Sunday 3pm WMJJ WMJJ-Magic 96.5-Birmingham, AL
Sunday 4pm KKPR KKPR-Power 99-Kearney, NE
Show repeats at 11pm
Sunday 4pm KVPI KVPI-Ville Platte, LA
Sunday 4pm KLTH KLTH-106.7 The Eagle-Portland, OR
Sunday 4pm KISC KISC-KISS 98.1-Spokane, WA
Sunday 4pm KOSF KOSF-I Heart 103.7-San Francisco, CA
Sunday 4pm KQAK KQAK-Bend, OR
Sunday 4pm KBGO WMJJ-Big 95-Waco, TX
Sunday 5pm KTBH KTBH-Hilo, HI Repeats Monday at 5am
Sunday 5pm WYSN WYSN-Myrtle Beach, SC
Sunday 5pm WCRE WCRE-Cheraw, SC
Sunday 5pm WJJR WJJR-Mix 98.1-Rutland, VT
Sunday 5:30pm CKSJ CKSJ-Coast 101.1-St Johns, NL
Last 2 hours only
Sunday 6pm KHIM KHIM-Magnum, OK
Last 3 hours only
Sunday 6pm KHVL KHVL-Huntsville, TX
Sunday 6pm KZOY KZOY-Sioux Falls, SD This weeks A show
Sunday 6pm WFDL WFDL-Sunny 97.7-Fond du lac, WI
Sunday 6pm WMGN WMGN-Magic 98-Madison, WI
Sunday 6pm WQMV WQMV-Waverly, TN 70's Show airs Saturday at 7pm
Sunday 6pm WRIP WRIP-Rp 97.9-Windham, NY
Sunday 6pm KQAD KQAD-Luverne, MN
Sunday 6pm* KKOL KKOL-Kool Gold 107.9-Honolulu, HI
*1pm in winter months, 2pm during DST
Sunday 7pm* KLFX KLFX-Flagstaff, AZ
*7pm in winter months, 8pm during DST
Sunday 7pm WICY WICY-Malone, NY
Sunday 7pm KABQ KABQ-Albuquerque, NM
This weeks B Show
Sunday 7pm KKVT KKVT-Grand Junction, CO
Sunday 7pm WRTH WRTH-Earth FM-Spartanburg, SC
Sunday 8pm KUGR KUGR-Green River, WY
Sunday 8pm KRTZ WRTH-Cortez, CO
Sunday 9pm KRBI KRBI-North Mankato, MN
Sunday 9pm KQMA KQMA-Phillipsburg, KS
Sunday 9pm WPAC WPAC-Ogdensburg, NY
Could be a 70's or 80's show
Sunday 9pm WZMJ WZMJ-Z93 The Lake-Lexington, SC
Sunday 10pm KARY KARY-Cherry FM-Yakima, WA
Sunday 10pm KTRR KTRR-Tri 102.5-Windsor, CO
Sunday 10pm KQEO KQEO-Idaho Falls, ID
Sunday 11pm KKPR KKPR-Kearney, NE
Repeat of earlier show
Sunday 11pm WGRQ WGRQ-Fredericksburg, VA Extras-May be moved for live sports
Monday 12am KXGL KXGL-The Eagle-100.9-Amarillo, TX
Monday 12am KWMZ KWMZ-New Orleans, LA
Monday 12am WRBZ WRBZ-Montgomery, AL
Monday 1am KACL KACL-Bismark, ND
Monday 1am KSCR KSCR-Benson, MN May be moved for live sports
Monday 1am KZQL KZQL-Casper, WY
Monday 1am WFGR WFGR-Grand Rapids, MI
Monday 1am WGRR WGRR-Cincinatti, OH
Monday 1am WQLB WQLB-Sturgeon Bay, WI Re-run of the earlier episode
Monday 1am WDFM WDFM-Mix 98.1-Defiance, OH
Monday 1am WQSR WQSR-Jack FM-Baltimore, MD
Monday 1am WTKU WTKU-KOOL 98.3-Linwood, NJ
Monday 2am KINY KINY-Juneau, AK
Monday 2am KRVI KRVI-The New 106.7 The River-Springfield, MO
Monday 2am WNNS WNNS-Springfield, IL
Monday 2am WTIC WTIC-Hartford, CT Last 3 hours only
Monday 3am KOLA KOLA-KOLA 99.9-Redlands, CA
Monday 3am KLNC KLNC-Wow FM-Lincoln, NE Could be a 70s or 80s show
Monday 3am KPHT KPHT-Pueblo, CO Could be a 70s or 80s show
Monday 5am KTBH KTBH-Hilo, HI
Tuesday 5am WPNC WPNC-Plymouth, NC
Extras-Rpt of Saturdays show
Wednesday 1am KTSO KTSO-Tulsa, OK

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